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Roll Media

CSPX - Nylon Media

Clearstream's CSPX media is the latest in nylon media. It's fine denier (yarn diameter) makes it more efficient using a lighter base weight. CSPX media is well suited for gravity filtration systems such as the "MyCo" media filter. Nylon has long been the preferred choice for gravity fed media filters. However, since nylon is of higher cost, it has been used very little in the liquid filtration markets in non-woven form. The lighter make-up of the CSPX media is a less expensive form of nylon media. A typical 1oz. Nylon media has an air permeability rating of 511 cfm/ft sq, where as the 1oz CSPX media is rated at 365 cfm/ft sq. This means a more efficient filtration for your dollar. The following is a portion of the long list of advantages to choosing nylon; greater ability to "wet-out" resulting in higher flow rates and less frequent indexing, higher temperature tolerance (dimensional stability up to 400░F with melting point at 500░F), stronger than other non-woven products (nylon is approximately 35% stronger material than polyester and 40% stronger than polypropylene and due to nylon's attraction to liquids it is less prone to blinding off the media.

Clearstream Filters carries other types of roll media which may be sold by the roll or by yardage specified by customer.

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